Make a Hammock Underblanket Tutorial (Part 2)

Now, where were we… Oh yes… Here you can see that the quilting of the sleeping bag (the curvy line that holds the wadding in place) comes very close to the part that we are sewing. This need to be unpicked some way to allow the cord to get through.

If there is too much wadding to allow the cord to pass though just cut a bit out.

You now have something that looks like this… The sides are all sewn up but the ends are still open.

I want to add some short straps to each end of the underblanket so I can tie it off to a tree or even the hammock to keep it taut. So as I sew up the ends I pop 2 straps in and sew them in place. Please don’t think pink straps are compulsory, paracord would work just as well.

At the head end of the sleeping bag there was no zip so you’ll have to unpick a few of the stitches to slip the strap in and then sew it back up.

Now, every part of the blanket should be sewn up apart form a 2″ gap at the end of each diagonal. I couldn’t think of a better way of finishing this so for the time being I have just hand stitched them. I think it kinda adds to the overal rustic charm.

Now the really exciting bit! Get your cord, cut the 8 metres in half, melt the ends to stop them fraying, thread a safety pin onto one end and insert into the 2″ gap at one corner.
Use the safety pin to guide the cord up towards the thermostatic area and drag through the hole.

Next tax a couple of toggles from something old & tatty – in my case my old farm coat.

If you scoot back up to the posh Snugpack pic above you’ll see that their toggles have 2 holes whereas mine only have one. Not a problem, I just needed to womble a bead to improvise. Thread the toggle & bead on and thread the cord up to the other end of the blanket.

We are sleeping out tonight so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for pics of it in situ and to hear about any daft design faults. I found it very difficult describing each step so that you would understand it. If it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever I would really appreciate feedback so I can try and make it easier to follow!

Go on, leave me a comment... Make my day!

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