Bugs Butty

Jon took the kids out ferreting yesterday and caught a nice big bunny. Seeing as it’s a new years resolution of sorts to learn to love the meat that formerly made me a little queasy, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity  to start the year the way I mean to go on.

So I cleaned it up, portioned it into joints and popped it in the slow cooker covered in water and let the slow cooker do it’s magic.

I wanted the first meal of my rabbity adventure to be be as plain as possible – no herbs or spices, no sauce or gravy just simple ol’ bunny.

It was left to cool overnight and today I peeled off some meat to make a sandwich (for the record Jon & the kids had ham) I have to admit at this point I wavered and spread some mayo in there too. Oh, and added cherry tomatoes purely for vitamin content of course.

Verdict? Honestly? It tasted like chicken. Ha!

Out of 10? If you take into account the price (free), the Food Miles (none) and the healthiness of said meat (very low fat) as well as the taste i’d have to say a hefty big 8/10

Still have lots of meat in the slow cooker so off to browse some books for the perfect recipe.

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