Best Flapjack Recipe in the Whole Wide World. Ever.

I take flapjacks very seriously. I have spent the past 6 years or so trying every recipe I stumbled upon with very varied results.

Either too dry, too plain, too sweet, too crumbly, too dull, too greasy, too sticky (never thought that would be a problem as I love ’em gooey). Anyway, I’m rambling. The search is over. This is the one.

In this recipe the bulk of sweetness is provided by the fruit meaning that the fat, sugar & syrup levels have been reduced right down without affecting the ‘hold’ or taste of the finished item. I often chuck in some spice too, I’m not pernikety about how much – just lobb it in till it looks, feels & smells right. Try Cinnamon, Nutmeg or Mixed Spice. If you try anything else and it works please let me know.

The Flapjack Ingredients…

225g/8oz dried dates (maybe also try prunes, apricots or whatever you have in)

175g/6oz Butter (Marg works fine too)

3 tbsp Golden Syrup (honey is also nice, tastes less sweet and more ‘wholesome’)

3oz Sugar – Muscavado is best but any sugar is just fine.

12oz Oats – Use rolled, porridge, whatever you have – I’ve even made it with some muesli that had been lingering in the cupboard too long

The Flapjack Recipe…

Preheat to Gas 5/190/Fan 170

Heat the dried fruit in a pan with a splash of water/fruit juice for 5 minutes or so and mash with the back of a fork till all squidged & gooey.

In a big pan melt the butter, syrup & sugar till liquified (oooh, never used that word in a sentence before)

Stir in the oats & spice if you are using & mix till all the oats are coated. I always steal a taste at this point although this it’s not compulsory, just greedy.

Spoon half the mix into a greased baking tin, my one is about 8″ square but play around with the tins you have.

Press down till nice and flat then dollop in the fruity sticky goo and press that down too.

Finally top with the second half of the oaty mix and press down again.

I have been known to sprinkle more sugar over the top to give a nice crunchy crust but you won’t be disappointed if you skip this step. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes till golden.

Take out of the oven and score into squares as big as you like. Turn out onto a cooling rack and when cool break up into the squares and stash.

As a ‘Chefs Treat’ try scooping the crumbs up that are left on your counter after making these and sprinkle them over a bowl of rich vanilla ice cream. Just heavenly…

12 Responses to Best Flapjack Recipe in the Whole Wide World. Ever.

  1. Johnny Allain-Labon says:

    Found your recipe via google while looking for something for a school trip. Works a treat as just a flapjack with cinnamon or covered in chocolate. Keep up the good work!

    • Lokesh says:

      I have never had a baked flajpack before unless what I know as a flajpack is a bit different. Yours looks super tasty and a great idea of a breakfast. Mandy

  2. Mule Springs says:

    Greetings! I saw the note for this recipe and decided to take a look. I’ve just realized I had no idea what flap jacks are. I was expecting to find a hearty pancake recipe. I’m disappointed by my current waffle-pancake recipe. Where do these flap jacks originate–what part of the country? Where did you first have flap jacks? I grew up in West Virginia, and I don’t recall them. They seem like a bar – a cookie bar recipe. Intriguing. Thanks, and they look very good to eat too. Sher

  3. Chris says:

    Yes! these are the best flapjacks ever – i used chopped dried apricots and almostmtwice as many otas as in the recipe (2/3 oats 1/3 fruit and nut muesli) – amazing – crunchy top, chewy fruity bottom. Fantastic. If you dont mind I will put a link to the recipe from my cycling blog – great energy food!


  4. Flyn says:

    Hi am about to try your recipe sounds just the ticket for energy while watersking!!

  5. Ispy7 says:

    Thanks for a great recipe! We first had these in Montreal, where that call them Carré aux dattes (date squares). Anyway, definitely beats a standard flapjack as you say

  6. John says:

    This is a really great recipe. I’m a mountain walker and these are by far the best – oh yes, I’ve tried loads of other recipes- for that energy boost on a walk. Held together perfectly. Went for the sugar topping. The crunchy top and chewy centre made for nirvana.
    Already had to send your link to two of the 4 people I was with.
    Thanks a million

    • HedgeComber says:

      JD you’ve made my day :) Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I love to think that one of my little recipes has been thoroughly enjoyed up a mountain somewhere!
      Janie x
      PS I just shared your comment on my Facebook page too ;)

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