The Kitchen

One day I’d like to think I’ll have a great big kitchen, with a great big wooden table and great big wooden benches, with enough work surfaces & cupboard space to make a celebrity chef jealous.

In the mean time, I make gastro-magic in a shoebox.


2 Responses to The Kitchen

  1. Joss says:

    I used to have a kitchen like that, many years ago. It was big enough that I had two old armchairs and a small coffee table in one corner, covered with recipe books and normally an open bottle of wine.

    It had an ancient aga (should have been wonderful, but it was falling apart), an old electric cooker, a huge Welsh dresser and a massive table – all bought from junk shops and then scrubbed down with sandstone.

    What I would like now is a small indoor kitchen and then a large outdoor one under a leanto – that one would have a big wood fired brick oven and open charcoal grills – heat it up enough and you can use it all year round, steam and smoke billowing out from under the roof as the rain pours all around. Suit my cooking style to a tea, that would. There would be baked bread everywhere and baking trays crammed with joints of meat (no gaps, get as many stuffed in as you can) and cooked greek style layed with olives and origano in the open ovens.

    Okay, hungry now. Dammit!

    • HedgeComber says:

      Oh my, I’m drooling too! I loved the first kitchen you talked about (armchairs in a kitchen? Stylish!) but then you went on to the outdoor one. That is really making me rethink things :)

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