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Rooster Art

If you’ve ever stumbled through the Hedgecomber archives, you may well have come across this photo of Handsome Harry, my first ever rooster… I ADORE this photograph, and I would willingly call it my own if it weren’t for that … Continue reading

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Breeding Mealworms as a Live Food Treat For Your Chickens

This is 3 of the 4 stages a mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) goes through. They are all sat in the bowl of a teaspoon to give you an idea of their size. In the first picture is a freshly hatched Darkling … Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps to Clipping a Chickens Flight Feathers

Although chickens can’t actually fly, they can certainly flap theirs wings energetically enough to clear a fence and cover a distance of 15 foot or so. If this likely to become a problem for you (or them) an effective solution … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Missing Hen…

How does this missing (presumed eaten) hen, make it through a night of Foxes, Badgers & frost and manage to turn up hungry for breakfast. And have I been reading too many Barbara Cartland novels or does she look a … Continue reading

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Chicken Keeping 101

Housing Foxes & badgers can climb, jump and dig, and they do them really rather well. To deter the little darlings, we have sunk chainlink fencing a foot into the ground and a fox still dug their way under it … Continue reading

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