Our Permaculture Goals

When I first became interested in permaculture, I quickly became overwhelmed by the amount of land we have to play around with and the endless possibilities this brought. So, rather than being beaten into staying home and drinking tea, we decided to start somewhere.

Hence, our first venture starts with building an edible and interesting area for the livestock we keep. With feed prices going up every year, it makes economical sense to grow what we can to supplement their diets. With fuel prices rising quicker than feed, it makes sense to use a plan that needs no input from machinery or chemicals. And lastly, to plant up an area than needs no pruning, harvesting or digging makes such crazy sense that I can’t believe we didn’t do it years ago!

Our goals look like this;

  • The area must be attractive as tenants enjoy this area too
  • Fruit trees, perennials & self seeding annuals will be the main focus of planting to limit work
  • Foxes & Badgers roam our land, so the planting needs to be thinner down towards the stream to minimise cover
  • All plants used must have a reason, whether they be edible, medicinal, soil improver’s or attract insects for pollination and biodiversity

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