Starting with Ferrets

So, you wanna get a ferret? Can’t say I blame you, they make the most amazing pets and they’ll provide you with dinner – so long as you like the taste of rabbit.

Ginger & Boo our female albino ferrets in their travel case!

First up if you’re going to get one ferret and keep it in a cage then please, get two. No critter should live on it’s own in a cage, it’s just plain wrong. However if you’re planning for the ferret to live in your front room and have free rein of laps to sit on of an evening and lots of social interaction then you’ll get my blessings for just keeping one.

A little word of warning though, not everyone appreciates the smell of ferret and if there is one living in your front room then (how to put this politely ??) you are gonna smell.



Why do I adore them quite so much? Last winter I was feeling pretty glum and spent a few minutes in the company of our 3 ‘frets and found myself laughing for the first time in days. They bounce, play fight, and love playing with us and each other. They are inquisitive little beasties and sniff out new tunnels, pipes and toys with enthusiasm. Chuck one in a bowl of polystyrene packaging chips and you’ll be in fits.

Trust me, they are real good fun to have around.


So apart from good company what else do they need to thrive? Well, a house that is big enough for them to play, poop and sleep in, food and a little medical intervention if they are female and that’s about it.

2 Responses to Starting with Ferrets

  1. simon says:

    not had ferrets for 25 yrs.but after the lose of my dog of 10 yrs, me and my wife want to have 2 pet ferrets, any addvice would be most welcome

    • HedgeComber says:

      Hey Simon, sorry to hear about your dog. Sad times indeed. Ferrets make wonderful pets, females smell a little less than the males so if you are keeping them in the house I would get girls. If you have any specific questions, just holler.
      PS Jon just said that if you would like a couple of ferrets leads, to take them for walks etc, we have a couple that we don’t use and we’d be happy to send them your way. J x

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