The Critters

There was a boy at school who mocked me when he found out I lived on a farm with only 30 acres. He said he could fit my whole farm into just one of his fields. Ha!

My parents own the farm, Jon & I rent a cottage here and we have free reign to grown whatever we want, from cabbages to cattle.

Our fields are currently rented out as grass keep to a local dairy farmer but one day I hope that Jon and I can take the land back and make it even more productive. Time is the major factor preventing us doing this now.

As far as livestock goes we have dabbled in turkeys, pigs, chooks, ducks, ferrets and wild rabbits. None of this is designed to make us a living, just provide us with great tasting protein that has lived a happy life.

2 Responses to The Critters

  1. Carrie says:

    My perfect t ideal if only I was 20 years younger!

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