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Homemade Pesto Recipe. What else to do with all that basil?

I’ve never made pesto before as a/ buying a bunch of basil in the supermarket is darned expensive and b/ I’ve never managed to grow much of it myself. Oh, how that has changed! I have a whole bushy row … Continue reading

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How to Poach the Perfect Egg

My absolute favourite breakfast of the moment is poached egg on crisp double toasted rye spread with rich wholegrain mustard. I’m generally eating it 5 times a week, it is so good!  Yummm! As a kid we had a poaching … Continue reading

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Hammock Underblanket Tutorial – Part 2

Now, where were we… Oh yes… Here you can see that the quilting of the sleeping bag (the curvy line that holds the wadding in place) comes very close to the part that we are sewing. This need to be … Continue reading

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Hammock Underblanket Tutorial – Part 1

I sleep in a hammock when we’re out in the woods and generally I have 2 sheepskins underneath me. These are lovely and snug but when they slip in the night I wake up with cold patches on my back … Continue reading

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Reversible Head Band Tutorial

This is such a lovely way to use up pretty scraps of fabric that you’re too thrifty (or mean!) to throw away. The stripey fabric below was the waistband of a skirt I got for 25p, unpicked & ironed flat, … Continue reading

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