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Tomato Blight – 4 (All Natural) Prevention Tips

The tell tale signs of tomato blight have hit us extra early this year. It doesn’t normally show until the fruit are a good size, so we can just remove the leaves and let the fruit ripen on the stem. However, … Continue reading

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There’s Something in the Woodshed…

Jonny spotted this little nest of Pied Wagtail’s in the log shed a couple of days ago. How cute?!

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Those Noisy Neighbours :)

The little caravan is fast turning into my little summer house. I’m down there every night after work. There’s no computer or internet, just some board games, cards and a pile of magazines. Whenever I walk down through the orchard … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole…

Wandering the hedges at this time of year really highlights the problems we have with bunnies! However, there is something rather pretty about their holes, warrens and runs.

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Retail Therapy :)

Yesterday I went camera shopping. This morning I did my rounds with shiny new camera in tow. Such a happy girl! I’ve never been able to get pics of our nest boxes before without using a flash, yet my new camera can … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Broody Muscovy Duck

This is 2 of my Muscovy ducks, Itsy and her mum Tinker. Tinker has been broody for about a week or so now, her caruncles (the red stuff on her face) has dulled down to an orangey colour and her … Continue reading

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Our Poultry Pasture – An Update…

I spent some time watering the plants down in the poultry pasture as it has been so dry (for Cornwall at least!) The 2 apple trees I planted back in January are in leaf and doing well. They’d been cut … Continue reading

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Is the Beast of Bodmin Dead…?

Jon found this skull in our little piece of woodland recently. Too big for a sheep, wrong shape for a cow. We put our money on the Beast of Bodmin ;o) Look at that fearsome tooth! That must have made … Continue reading

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Breeding Mealworms as a Live Food Treat For Your Chickens

This is 3 of the 4 stages a mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) goes through. They are all sat in the bowl of a teaspoon to give you an idea of their size. In the first picture is a freshly hatched Darkling … Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps to Clipping a Chickens Flight Feathers

Although chickens can’t actually fly, they can certainly flap theirs wings energetically enough to clear a fence and cover a distance of 15 foot or so. If this likely to become a problem for you (or them) an effective solution … Continue reading

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