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Tomato Blight – 4 (All Natural) Prevention Tips

The tell tale signs of tomato blight have hit us extra early this year. It doesn’t normally show until the fruit are a good size, so we can just remove the leaves and let the fruit ripen on the stem. However, … Continue reading

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5 Top Tips For Newbie Bread Bakers

I’ve ‘tried’ making bread in the past and just assumed I wasn’t any good at it. What I now realise is, as with pretty much everything else in life, practice pays off! I’m currently baking about 8 loaves a week, … Continue reading

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Sugar Free Date & Banana Cookies/Traybake (Wheat & Dairy free too!)

I snapped up a whole tray of over ripe banana’s at the greengrocers for just 92p yesterday! After giving some to a neighbour, some to the hens, and having 2 in my morning smoothie, I was still left with 19! … Continue reading

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Stinging Nettle Smoothie Anyone…?

I regularly buy baby spinach for making green smoothies and thought I’d road test using stinging nettles instead as they are abundant, free, create no plastic bag waste and being freshly picked will hold a bazillion times more nutrients than … Continue reading

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Breeding Mealworms as a Live Food Treat For Your Chickens

This is 3 of the 4 stages a mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) goes through. They are all sat in the bowl of a teaspoon to give you an idea of their size. In the first picture is a freshly hatched Darkling … Continue reading

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Crispy Fried Squirrel & Chips

This little critter met a sticky end when he tried to waltz off with yet another bird feeder. Rather than let him go to waste, I soon had him skinned, paunched and butchered. The next step involved consulting the ‘God … Continue reading

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Coronation Egg Sandwich Recipe

Jon & I can’t get enough of these amazing egg sandwiches. Gone are the plain old Egg Mayo and even the Curried Egg filling. When we have a glut of eggs, this is the only way to go. The ingredients; … Continue reading

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The End of Last Years Chilli Harvest.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to cooking with shop bought, dried chilli powder/flakes. I’ve been spoilt rotten! In our mass clear up of the poly tunnel in anticipation of ‘Harvest 2012’ I cleared up the … Continue reading

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My first ever tree planting session!

I can’t quite get over just how exciting I found planting an apple tree. Who would have thought?

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Garden – Before & After!

I get that gardens are s’posed to look messy and dull at this time of year but sadly our back yard actually looks better in the winter before all the stinging nettles and other weeds have chance to take over. … Continue reading

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