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Retail Therapy :)

Yesterday I went camera shopping. This morning I did my rounds with shiny new camera in tow. Such a happy girl! I’ve never been able to get pics of our nest boxes before without using a flash, yet my new camera can … Continue reading

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Calling All Cat Owners; A Damn Good Excuse to Binge on Pringles :)

I have a couple of empty Pringles tubes laying along the skirting boards in my lounge, to catch the mice and shrews that SassyCat brings indoors. They run into the tube to hide from the evil jaws of certain death … Continue reading

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First adventure in the caravan…

I was kinda fed up with the van being in a dark n dingy shed so last night I asked Jonny to tow it out. Seeing as we’re both working today we couldn’t exactly go far so he took it … Continue reading

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Introducing SassyCat. She’s PURFECT!

Purfectly Purfect in fact. I decided I wanted a loving, short haired, female cat and ended up finding this little lady. She’s 13 months old, spent her life so far in a caravan with 20 other cats (!) and has … Continue reading

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