The Old Bids – A Rescue Hen Special :)

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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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7 Responses to The Old Bids – A Rescue Hen Special :)

  1. Nikki says:

    Love it!

  2. BRILLIANT perhaps they can knit some jumpers for my friends new girls, they have been badly treated by the previous owner ( I only wish I could do the same to him as hes done to these poor things). They really need some jumpers in the fresh evenings we have at the moment, they are nearly bald bless them, but it wont be long before they are like our girls healthy and happy, I hope so anyway they have been given a good chance now anyway.

  3. We both keep chickens. I have 9 various colour hybred girls and my friend had 9 red/ginger girls but now she has just been given 7 other really badly treated girls I think they should be various colours but you cant really tell – bless them. There are 2 in particular that is causing concern they have badly overgrown lower beaks and some breathing issues, 1 keeps sneezing. The worse thing is these girls have no idea what proper food is they look at their pellets like they are something foreign, I really dont think they have ever had pellets before only grass and weeds with maybe some bread. We have de-liced them and are now giving them a 7 day course of worming powder mixed in their food (flubervent). We are having to feed them separately as the other girls would eat everything. We are even having to mix the pellets with water and make a paste because they wouldn’t eat the pellets, just until they get used to the taste. The birds were taken away from their owner because of the poor conditions of them and their living conditions. How can anyone treat any animal in this way – its beyond me. It makes me so angry beyond words. Anybody with any compassion would cry at the site of these poor things but we will get them happy and healthy and get them to trust us, we have worked hours on these girls and already today we can see a difference, they still fear us but they will soon learn to trust us and know we would never hurt them.

    • HedgeComber says:

      Oh my, that’s so horrid. How lucky they are to have found you guys. They weren’t part of a factory unit then, just in someone’s garden?
      I hope they have a long, healthy and happy future ahead of them xxx

  4. Hopefully all of them will pull though and will enjoy the rest of their lives, fingers crossed.

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