Our Poultry Pasture – An Update…

I spent some time watering the plants down in the poultry pasture as it has been so dry (for Cornwall at least!)

The 2 apple trees I planted back in January are in leaf and doing well. They’d been cut back hard and dug up from the orchard so I didn’t really know how they’s fare.

They are so easy to water as they are planted on a slope with a bowl shape dug in above/behind them. A bucket of water just gets dumped in there and gravity does the rest!

Mum & I put in 10 raspberry canes last month, they seem to be doing well with leaves out on several of them.

We’ve had to use tree guards on them as there are so many rabbits here, and after reading Sepp Holzers (BRILLIANT!) book on permaculture, I’ve laid stones around the base of each plant to retain moisture, and collect heat from the sun.

I still have a kilo bag of poultry grass seed to sow and a mulberry tree to put in before I’m allowed to buy any more plants! I’ll try to get down there today to get them in.

This is one of our resident moorhens, a very shy little bird that has become quite ballsy, clearing up spilt food from the ducks. It’s great working from home and getting to spend time down there after feeding time, as so much other wildlife comes out after I’ve gone!

This little fella was trying to sneak past me unnoticed too! Hard not to notice that beautiful plumage when the sun is shining.

Enjoy your day

Janie x

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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