I Received an Award!

Happy days! The lovely Bridget from the fabulous Arignagardener blog has sweetly nominated The Hedgecombers for the ABC ‘Awesome Blog Content’ award!

The rules of accepting the award are to share something about yourself  using the letters of the alphabet. Err, OK. Here goes…

A – I’m a qualified Acupuncturist.

B – Byron Bay was my favourite place in Australia

C – I spent a month of my Acupuncture training at university in China.

D – I got Dysentery from drinking a tomato juice in Jakarta, Indonesia. Man I was sick!

E – I LOVE England and I am fiercely proud of being English. Having spent 4 years travelling the planet I appreciate the freedom and security that this brings.

F –  My Family! I am SOOOOO lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing family. They all drive me up the wall (which I’m sure is mutual!) but I do adore them!

G – I was born on Guernsey, a gorgeous little island between England & France.

H – I blagged my way onto a helicopter flight at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta by telling the pilot it was my birthday (it wasn’t!)

I – I used to faint every time I had an injection. (Then I became an acupuncturist :)

J – Jon, my rock <3

K – In the mid 90’s I worked as a hostess in a Karaoke bar in Yokohama, Japan.

L – Lizzy, my best friend since I was 10. Besides Jon & my family she is the only other person in the world I can rely on for absolutely anything.

M – Miscarriage. I have pretty much come to terms with never being a mummy, but the pain of the 5 babies I’ve lost breaks my heart daily. Miscarriage is such a secret, silent pain. No one else will ever, really get it.

N – I used to bite my nails in the winter but rarely in the summer. Odd huh?

O – Opera – whatasallthatabouthen??? Just. Don’t. Get. It.

P – I’ve been an atheist my whole life but after losing my first baby I found I needed some kind of spiritual support and after a lot of searching, I eventually found Paganism.

Q – Quitting smoking, took me years and several attempts but I am SO proud of kicking that beast!

S – Sushi, my absolute favourite food in the entire world!

T – I used to have a pony called Toby, he was going to the dog food factory and my parents saved him and gave him to me one Xmas.

U – I carry a Hello Kitty Umbrella in my bag.

V – My first car was a Volvo. The parents both had one each too. We were the Volvo family!

W –  My first ever job was as a Silver Service waitress. I was carrying a huge, heavy ‘flat’ (a big tray/platter thing) full of veggies and as I was serving a lady, my arm starting giving way. I spilt mushrooms in cream sauce on her beige, suede, 2 piece suit. Oops.

X – A shadow showed up on an Xray of my lung last Dec. Happily it was nothing to worry about (which didn’t stop me worrying at the time!)

Y – Yellow does not suit me. In any form.

Z – Zzzzzzz, I love my bed :)

The second condition is to nominate other bloggers for the award, as many as you wish.

So I hereby nominate;

Colour it Green

A Life Less Simple

Tales of Mrs H

Thanks again Bridget, that was fun! xxx


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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4 Responses to I Received an Award!

  1. aw thanks Janey – will have to take some time to think of my answers :)

  2. Bridget says:

    Isn’t this a great way to find out more about each other!! You have done so many interesting things in your life. I like how you are not afraid to reveal yourself!

    • HedgeComber says:

      I don’t normally do them but liked yours so thought I would! (Also I did contemplate holding back, but thought what the hell, it’s all made me the person I am today :) xx

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