Rooster Art

If you’ve ever stumbled through the Hedgecomber archives, you may well have come across this photo of Handsome Harry, my first ever rooster…

Handsome Cockerel

I ADORE this photograph, and I would willingly call it my own if it weren’t for that darned annoying date stamp on the bottom (this date stamp proves that it isn’t my handiwork, but Jon’s)

Armed with this image, I threw the creative gauntlet down to Mr Dan Young from Dan Young Daily. This is an artist who can make art from urinals. Yep. I know. Kinda weird, but there’s no disputing it – IT’S ART!!!

He took my image, waved his arty wand and created this…

Dan Young Art

I am in LOVE! The image is sharp, clear and stunning. The colours pop, the printing is top notch (and he’s even painted out the date stamp! :)

Dan posts a picture every day on his blog, please follow him as you’ll be made to regularly smile by his quirky view of the world, I promise. He also accepts commissions, and especially loves chicken related ones!

Thank you Dan. Happy me :o)


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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