Crispy Fried Squirrel & Chips

This little critter met a sticky end when he tried to waltz off with yet another bird feeder.

Shot Squirrel

Rather than let him go to waste, I soon had him skinned, paunched and butchered.

Squirrel Meat

The next step involved consulting the ‘God of all Things Dead’ aka Mr Billy Rhomboid over at the Kill and Cure blog, and it was decided to crispy fry him in egg, flour and breadcrumbs and serve with a great heap of homemade chips.

Neither Jon or I had eaten squirrel before and it went down a treat. Interestingly it tasted a whole lot like KFC.

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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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9 Responses to Crispy Fried Squirrel & Chips

  1. Nikki says:

    I’ve got to admire you but don’t think squirrel would have gone down well in Mrs H’s abode!

  2. Charlene says:

    I am conflicted with feelings of, “Aw, poor squirrel” and “Oooh, yummy!”

  3. HedgeComber says:

    Hehe, once upon a time the ‘poor squirrel’ feeling would have over-ridden the ‘Ooooh yummy!’ feeling for me too. Not any more though! :o)

  4. Les Dudley says:

    I take my hat off to you! I tired in vain to skin a squirrel and gave up any tips ?

    • HedgeComber says:

      They tend to sit pretty still on a peanut feeder, still enough for a shot from an air rifle (although I’ve never shot anything other than a tin can – the men folk do the ‘deathy’ bit, I just turn it into food :)

      • HedgeComber says:

        Ha! Just been pointed out to me by Jon that I sooo read your question wrong! Sorry, yesterday was a lonnng day Les :)
        As for skinning them, it was tougher than rabbit to remove, but once you get going it’s not too bad. I also found it easier the use my hand to separate the meat from the skin, rather than a knife.
        Worth the bother? Yeah, I reckon it was. It’s a great quality meat, and nicely flavoured so I’d definitely take the time again.

  5. never tried Squirrel – keep meaning too,. dont have an air gun tho – my cat used to catch them.. but somehow… dont fancy that….

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