Our new Light Sussex ladies

There is a message board at the local feed store where folk advertise their unwanted stock or equipment and last month I saw a card offering, among other things, a flock of 8 Light Sussex hens plus rooster. The guy wanted £20 for them which is really cheap these days.

I called him there and then and met him the following day. It turns out his father had recently passed away and these birds were his hobby. He had all sorts from bantams to geese and had obviously spent years getting his bloodlines just so.

I was the first punter so had pick of the crop and bought this little flock home. They are beautiful strong birds and will be the basis of our future meat stock.

We have a pile of their eggs in the incubator already and I’m looking forward to them hatching in a couple of weeks.

I love feathered retail therapy!


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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10 Responses to Our new Light Sussex ladies

  1. Jo says:

    They look lovely!

  2. HedgeComber says:

    They are, although I’m still only getting 3 eggs a day from them. Makes me think they a little older than the guy thought. Thanks for popping by Jo!

  3. Jo says:

    Maybe they just need to finish exploring their new territory and settle down before they get on with the business of laying. They look in lovely condition. I envy you that cockerel! And the muscovies : )

  4. still seems a good deal to me :)

  5. Maxine says:

    I don’t know why but Light Sussex are my favourite of all the breeds. Now that we’ve hopefully got rid of all the bugs in the garden, the soon to be chicks from our incubator will live and I’ll finally have some of my own.

    We bought 6 (mixed – Welsummers, Marans, Legbars) a few weeks ago, pol and laying. It took about 4 weeks for them to settle and start laying, before that we were only getting about 2 – 3 eggs from them a week. Now, we are getting 6- 8 eggs a day. We also have 2 hybrid Bluebells that we just could not let go of and, a white Leghorn

  6. HedgeComber says:

    Maxine, it sounds lovely. What bugs did you have in your garden?

  7. Maxine says:

    I’m pretty sure that we had mycoplasmosis brought in by some chooks bought from an auction – I know, I know auctions and chooks. Basically we lost all our birds :(

  8. HedgeComber says:

    Oh blimey, that’s tough. We learnt the auction hard way too, we got Mareks. Lost (and still lose) a small % which we have to build into our plans when we get knew stock as now we’ll never get rid of it. xx

  9. poultrymatters says:

    Light sussex are fantastic dual purpose birds. You won’t be sorry you got them.

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