Rabbit Recipe – Rabbit Pie

Wow, I’m kinda thrilled! Following on from my goal to like rabbit meat in 2011 (AND it’s only day 3 – get me!!!) and the first ‘recipe’ I posted here, this is the outcome of the rest of the bunny as promised.

I need to ‘fess up at this point – I have a very strong aversion to eating meat that actually has to be chewed, or even worse, finding a miscellaneous chewy bit in a meal. I could no more eat a steak than fly to the moon. Hence why I use my slow cooker soooo much – it renders anything edible.

So, back to the bunny. It was jointed & cooked in the crock pot on high (in plain water) for 4 hours. Once it had cooled I pulled the meat off & put in a pie dish. I then boiled the leftover stock till it had reduced by half. Halfway through I threw in a load of chopped onion & carrots.

Next I  thickened this up with some chicken gravy, scooped the carrot & onion into the pie dish and ladled some of the gravy in on top. I topped it off with shortcrust pastry and baked till the pastry was brown and the meat piping hot.

I served it with mashed tater, peas and more of the gravy.

Verdict? I am sorely tempted to serve this up to bunny phobic friends as chicken pie as I really don’t think you would notice a difference.  Cooked this way it even looks like a mix of the white and dark meat you’d find on a chicken.

Out of 10? My pastry let me down pretty badly so Jon & I gave this a 7 out of 10. But, regarding the meaty bit Jon said ‘you couldn’t fault the rabbit’ . Praise indeed.

PS apologies for the lack of photographic evidence of this one. What can I say – I was hungry.

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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