What’s in a name…?

For the past 10 years I’ve been an acupuncturist. 

During those 10 years I have treated some amazing people and I adored watching the acupuncture do the thing it does so well – either removing pain, clearing symptoms of disease or possibly the most amazing, helping couples to become families. 

I have laughed with patients a lot in that time and cried once or twice too. I have also made a lot of friends.

However, the past year has left me feeling a little deflated with it. Not the patienty/painy/needley bit, but more the paperworky/self-employedy/adminy bit. Tie this disquiet in with Dads diagnosis and I have decided to depart the world of therapist. 

My regulars have now mostly been told, the website is offline, my replacement is waiting in the wings, and I am ready to ditch the HUGE diary I have been carrying round for what seems like forever! 

I shall keep up to date and insured ‘just in case’ but ‘acupuncturist’ will soon become a teeny part of who I am as opposed to my main title. Feels weird binning a name that I’ve known myself as for so long!


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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3 Responses to What’s in a name…?

  1. angel says:

    Oh bless you!How sad that you are giving up something you loved. :(Much love cupcake. Mwah XXXXXXXX

  2. A 'Fresh' start Janie (speaking of what's in a name!)! x

  3. Janie says:

    Ha! I see what you did there yummy :DAngel – I did used to once love it but I am so ready for a new challenge x

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