Our 2 new Indian Game Cockerels

These guys are new. They are big, scary looking birds with mean looking spurs and thick, solid necks like body builders on steroids. Yet they were surprisingly scared of our little hens!

They are 18 months old and as they were raised together they get on ok with no fighting. The girls seem to have stopped giving them such a hard time too.

The exciting thing about this breed is that you can breed them with pretty much any old hen and the resulting youngsters will be meaty enough to feed a family.

Cute, aren’t they?!


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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2 Responses to Our 2 new Indian Game Cockerels

  1. angel says:

    Strewth!!!!!!!I feel sorry for your girls, mine would run for the slag heap if they saw one of them bad boys coming round the hutch!lovely post Hedgie. :)Mwahs XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Lace hearts says:

    haha – R asks if they are 'mean' like your other chooks. Lol. She remembers being chased by your ducks!!!! J asks 'do they kill people'. Well, you did say they were mean looking with their spurs… whaddya expect from little people?!!!! xxx

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