It’s all going on here at the mo. These are our 2 new little weaners, as yet still unnamed (Jon doesn’t seem to get the urgency or fun in christening animals quite like I do!)

They are Berkshires, 12 weeks old and the cutest little things ever.

I think it may be love.


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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3 Responses to PIGGIES!!!

  1. Malcolm says:

    Hello Janie – I'm delighted to find your blog and discovers other people with similar outlooks in life, especially the "happiness". And bushcraft of course, and crafting.Please keep in touch via twitter or blog:twitter: touchwoodprojwww.touchwoodproject.comor my other twitter: orkneysurvivalwww.allfivesenses.combest wishesMalcolm

  2. yay – we are looking forward to having pigs again :)

  3. Reyna says:

    Pigs are sooo cute! love it! just found ur blog and followed…If you have a chance pass by my blog and follow! Blessings,Reyna

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