All round update…

So, January was a total write off on the debt free plan but that’s ok cos I’ve still got 11 months to clear it all… Easy Peasy!!! Feb is so far on track so far so watch this space.

The chooks are all well. The cockeral is, er, frisky and quite frankly out of practice – most of the girls look at him in disdainful disbelief when he starts his little dance of lurve. Poor boy. The hens have picked up their laying, and one of our lady ducks has got back into the swing of things too which means my breakfat time poached egg is back on the menu. Yipee!!

The piggy plan is well under way, Jon has been mending the stys this weekend. He’s also been pruning the apple trees in the new orchard ready to kickstart our homemade cider plan 2010. Sounds like a tasty plan to me!

Next weekend we’re gonna dig up the weedy twiggy naff plants out of our little back garden and dig it over with compost so that can be our veg patch this year. We’re hoping that by practically tripping over the veggies it will spur us into looking after them (the past 2 years we have both failed dismally at our outdoors plot, I like working in the poly tunnel but can never be bothered with the outdoors stuff).

There has been talk of setting up the beehives again this year after a few failed attempts in the past so that will be super exciting. And the only other bit of excitement (for me anyway) is my desire to finally get another cat. I lost Whippy 2 years ago after she’d turned up feral from a neighbouring farm at a time in my life when I was extremely low and she became my shadow for the next 18 years. I am only now ready to move on and find another cat. It really does break your heart when they leave doesn’t it.

Right, must get off to sewing class so I’ll say adieu for now xx


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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