My Journey to Debt Freedom…

This is a bit like airing my dirty washing in public but it’s my blog and I’m gonna air whatever I want!

6 years ago I was in a bad place. I was in a relationship that I was really trying to make work, in a house I couldn’t afford my half of, in a village 50 miles from my main clinic trying to set up new clinics when I lost my first baby and ended up having an emotional meltdown.

I moved back into my parents farmhouse with a ton of debt, a failing business and in a really sad, scary, horrible place. I was facing bankrupcy but thanks to my parents help & support I pulled through and thankfully avoided it.

Unsurprisingly as the debt got smaller the urge to clear it became less important.

Last October I bought the most INCREDIBLE audiobook by John Cummuta called Transforming Debt Into Wealth and can happily say it has changed my attitude and life. I have found a new drive, determination and focus to get that last nasty bit of debt gone. I’m not gonna go into how the plan works as I won’t explain it as well as John and I would hate anyone to miss the point because my explanation was poor, suffice to say it makes debt clearing a major priority and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

So here comes the dirty washing…

I currently owe;
Credit Card 1 – £250 (sadly I’d cleared this one in November but had to put my cars MOT on it in December)
Credit Card 2 – £1059.66
Business Loan – £2416
Total -3725.66

I started the plan last November and on top of all my minimum payments I cleared an extra £371.87 from the overall debt. I took december off as my cash was needed elsewhere but am back on track for January (although I will be getting a tax bill and accountants fees any time now, so may have take February off too…) My goal is to have the remainder of the debt gone by the end of the year and then I will be able to start a savings plan.

If anyone else out there is gonna use 2010 to get their money stuff sorted please get in touch and lets help support each other along the way.

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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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4 Responses to My Journey to Debt Freedom…

  1. good luck and lots of support your way- i was in a bad situation 4 years ago- its taking me this long to get things back on track!! i always remember even the smallest amount was helping me get out of debt! i still have a 1,400 debt i pay off slowly,but im in a better place now by facing my fears, going without, struggling but getting rid of the weight of debt! i will never own a credit card! and have kept all my finaces to one monthly plan!…i dont have all the luxuries, but im much happier!!!! and content with the simple things! ;0)xx big hugs, loved reading your post!! xx really inspiring to others as well.

  2. Well done! It's a brilliant feeling isn't it. When a relationship ended years ago, I was left with debts that were absolutely huge compared to my tiny little income and they took years to clear … it's such a wonderful feeling when they're under control again and finally gone isn't it!!

  3. angel says:

    What a gorgeous woman you are Janie, a true inspiration, bless your heart.I am so glad you have found a way of getting back on track. I believe you can do this, and even though my thoughts dont count for much, yours do. If you believe in yourself great things can happen.Loads of love and hugs honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  4. Kristy says:

    you should check out Dave Ramsey! "Financial Peace" Awesome Debt conquering plans!

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