Yuletide Blessings!

I wish you all a happy and blessed Yule.

Although the shortest day of the year, Yule or Midwinter marks the point of change, when the Oak King wins his fight with the Holly King yet again and our days become longer. Yeah!

It’s funny, the excitement I feel at Yule is the polar opposite to the sadness i feel at Midsummer. Knowing that the days are growing shorter, we still haven’t had a sniff of summer and the veggie garden harvest feels a lifetime away always gets me down for a while.

So, to the celebrations… tonight we have friends coming over to help us scoff the Ham A La Delia which Jon cooked last night (WOW, ham in coke is the new black, trust me!) and we’ll have lots of candles lit and a yule log to stuff full of wishes too.

How are you going to celebrate?


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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3 Responses to Yuletide Blessings!

  1. A good meal and plenty of drink here :) Oh, and excitedly rushing back and forth looking out of the window at the snow! It's falling really heavily and looks set in … yippee!!

  2. A cool Yule indeed – have fun and enjoy the festivities.Happy New Year too!

  3. Lace hearts says:

    I'll bet that ham was fabulous. Have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you for all the happy memories you and Jon have given my family in 2009. Huge hugs from us. xxxps. hope the small package arrived. x

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