Sewing Class Catch Up…

Oh, I have been bad not sharing my class progress with you all. I haven’t actually finished many projects yet due to the laughing/unplanned fabric shopping trips/steep learning curves at each class but here is a quick catch up…

Remember these?The pattern (Simplicity 5063) had to be adapted as it includes a nasty tie thingy on the front (which I’m sure looks adorable if you’re a size 8 but I truly don’t need any more padding in the tummy area) Barbara showed me how to change the pattern and remove them. I also had to add the strip of blue fabric onto the waistband as they came up too low on me. To balance them out I also popped a blue strip on the cuffs too.

When we were off to France in Septemeber I replicated the pattern (but including the extra waist measurements) in a cute stripey linen 3/4 length trousers. I added the big daft pockets to make them feel a bit different and I really enjoyed wearing them.
They look hopelessly unflattering hanging up here but they were quite cute on. Promise.

Having got the basics off to a flying start with such a simple pattern I wanted to move on to something trickier so may I introduce…

Did you see the waistband? And the pockets? and how about the zip fly??? Piece a cake ;o)

I am making the 3/4 length pair (hey, I like 3/4 length, ok?!) in a black patterned cotton. Not my first choice of fabric to be honest as it doesn’t have any stretch but one thing I am slowly coming to terms with is that fabric shops don’t stock clothes fabric much any more. Tonnes of upholstery stuff but generally not much for clothes. These trousers are almost finished but when I tried to set mums overlocker up last night with black thread it all went a bit wrong so at todays class I’m gonna request a overlocker workshop. I won’t bore you with photos of the ‘almost finished’ pair of trousers but hopefully will be back soon with them all completed.

I bought the fabric yesterday to make my first ever pair of curtains for our bedroom and have a pile of jersey I want to attack once I am at one with the overlocker.

So many ideas so little time…

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1 Response to Sewing Class Catch Up…

  1. Lace hearts says:

    wow, go girl! A pair of curtains next… they'll be no stopping you. I'm very impressed. You have a perfect teacher. xxx

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