Ooh La La! (Part 1)

We recently returned from our adventure to the South of France. Just wonderful. I feel so grounded and relaxed and it has reminded me that even though I adore my work I still need to take breaks from it.

We flew into Perpignan on the south coast and hired a car to take us to Chez Dotty.

The drive to the moutains was tremendous, miles and miles of vineyards dotted with little figures picking the grapes and several small tractors with trailers full to the brim with grapes.

As we started to climb up into the mountains the road followed the path of a natural gorge which cut through the rock seemingly like butter.

We were staying with my good friend Dotty (who I was over the moon to finally meet, yet another great internet friend!).

She lives near Labastide, a small town roughly midway between Toulouse & Montpelier.

During our months and months of chatting it became clear that we both have a bit of a fetish for, among other things, antique linens. Her local 2nd hand store has piles of them, for pennies. I must be honest, this was a definite deciding factor in going to visit.

Her gite was everything I’d imagined, beautifully simple decor, wonderful views and beds so comfortable we never wanted to get up (will find a pic of the master bedroom soon, they’re on Jons camera)

It’s always exciting meeting someone you’ve got to know really well online, you know you get on and can talk about all kinds of nonsensical garbage but to actually put a face to that personality is so much fun! She so didn’t disappoint, her and her family are wonderful.

Many a bottle of (gorgeous & cheap) wine was washed down as we put the world to rights in person. I really hope that one day they choose to visit us in Cornwall but to be honest, why would they ever need to leave their mountains…?



About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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