Finally, I’m a student once again!

I am so happy!!! I’ve been looking for a sewing class for the past year and as we are coming up to start of the academic year I pushed really hard to find a suitable course for my mum & I to join. They are few and far between down here in the sticks sadly, the best I could find was an hours drive away.

However, whilst shopping recently I popped into a wool shop that ran knitting courses in a room upstairs and asked, no, begged them to start a dressmaking class. She said she did know a seamstress and she’d ask her if she’d be interested. She did and she was and yesterday we met Barbara for the first time. We went to her house and spent the most wonderful & imformative couple of hours ever! I took a ‘simple’ pattern (which had totally baffled me when I took it out of the packet the night before) and a sweet duvet cover I’d picked up for £3 in a charity shop. I came home with these…

I learnt so much! I learnt that patterns aren’t all that scary or fragile. I also learnt that if you don’t like a certain aspect of a pattern, you can change it. I learnt how to ‘speed’ unpick (after years of hooking out every 3rd or 4th stitch with the unpicker!). I learnt that you can run off fabric with the machine needle and not only will it not screw up your machine but it leaves a neater finish. I learnt that jersey is one of the hardest fabrics to sew which put my mind at ease after months of thinking I was just rubbish at sewing.

I already feel more confident on my machine and bizarrely I feel I have a better body image – to the point that today I am wearing a dress I bought for my holiday. I never wear frocks and I never get my legs out but today, I have!


In the 3rd year at school when we took our exam class options we were offered a ‘Sewing’ class, I remember being horrified that I would have to get undressed and be measured and everyone would know how huge I really was. Sadly I didn’t opt for it. Just thinking back to this makes me feel a tad emotional, my body image has been pants for the vast majority of my life. Maybe finally doing the sewing class and facing up to those childhood fears is a way to let go once and for all.

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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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4 Responses to Finally, I’m a student once again!

  1. Serenata says:

    Congratulations! Sew ;-) glad you enjoyed your lesson and may many more wonderful lessons and garments follow.Looking at your photo a couple of posts before I can't imagine why you had/have such a negative body image, I think you look lovely. :-)

  2. Lace hearts says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous… we are always so hard on ourselves. But you shine inside and out, and I'm so glad to have you as a friend.As for the sewing, well done you for making it happen. I've wanted to find somebody like this for a year or two, and never got it happening… you are inspirational. Love the pj and the material you found for them.Mwah xxx

  3. Lajoni says:

    What brilliant PJs sounds like a great class and is this the lady who is quite impatient and all for shortcuts sounds a gem….I can relate to negative body image…esp the lasy 5 yrs , I gave up smoking and have put on about 3st…hate it:(

  4. Hedgehogpie says:

    Hi Janie! You prob. won't remember me but it's Mrs Chicken the forager from the first Cornwall RV. I just found your blog and read the piece about your sewing class and have to say that the first time I met you I was impressed by both your confidence and your apparent self image. If you have had body image troubles it certainly never showed, and in fact as a 'tradtionally built' woman myself I felt very envious of you for the glow you exuded. As your friends say, you're a lovely person (inside and out!). Go girl! :O)

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