Introducing our Newly Named Chicks!

Here they are on their first ever outdoor adventure. They are 10 days old today and are growing so fast!

This wonderful brown hen, Hetty, has decided to become their mum.

She is teaching them how to scratch in the dirt for bugs and how to bath in the dust. If a buzzard or sparrowhawk flies overhead she makes a funny noise to warn them of danger and they all run and hide underneath her wings and belly.

Thankyou for everyone that got their thinking caps on for us, we had great fun picking from all your great ideas, it wasn’t easy either, let me tell you. But we did it, we have 12 names for 12 cute little things.
They are…
Kentucky – Thank you Elle May! Hmmm… I feel slightly peckish…
Minx – Thank you Daisy!
Clyde Clucky – Thank you Isobel (WHERE did you get that name from hun???!!!)
Black Knight – Thank you Joshua!!
Sonic – Tough choice between this & Frodo so thank you Jodie!
Suggs – Love it, thank you Alex!
Lola – Thank you Cameron, I love it!
Nugget – How could I not???! Cheers R xx
Lucky – Thank you Shannon, I know exactly which one is being christened with this name!
Twix – The oddest name of all, but bizarrely endearing, cheers Jay xx
Bluey – Thank You Ceri, this was my nickname in Australia and I love it for a chook!
Lily – Thank you Finn, I bet Lily grows up to lay the most eggs of all!

Thank you all so much , I had so much fun reading all your mad and wacky ideas!!


As we had 13 people send in their ideas and only 12 chicks to name I decided that the above would become the runners up and we would have an overall winner. I would even rename my sweet little friend Cuckoo in the winners honour.

So, may I introduce…

Sir Alan Chickin

(formerly known as cuckoo)

Thank you so much Zach, the daftest name of all!!! Just genious!!!


Could all mums please email me with addresses if they would like their kiddies to receive a little thank you card from their very own chook.


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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2 Responses to Introducing our Newly Named Chicks!

  1. angel says:

    WHAT!!!!!!! FIDDLE……..!Sir Alan chickin is good i spose, but not phirst place material, one of mine was beterererer than that… sheesh i spent ages on them names ……. erm ….wait til i see my great aunt Shab’s she is gunna go even more gagaga than normal [she’s had place mats designed and everyfing]…..Well done Zack…. :-) Thanks Miss Phish for doing this for the icklies.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Lovely post Miss Phish … great to see how the chicks are progressing.Just love those names!

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