The Easter Bunny is coming…

I am feeling tickedy boo again now, thank you for all your kind messages of support and my love and hugs go out to all those in a similar situation xx

As Easter is looming we are once again getting ready to head down the Cornwall RV. We’ll be sleeping in hammocks so I really must pull my finger out and finish the underblanket I have started to keep me snug at night.

On the saturday morning there is a Bushcraft Bootfair and I am having a little stall selling cookware suitable for open fire cooking which has been a great excuse to thrift odds & sods throughout the past year in expectation.

On the Saturday afternoon I am doing a kiddies workshop on fire lighting skills. Don’t panic, this isn’t petrol bombs & zippos but a chance for each child to make fire with a flint and steel in a safe environment. Should be fun (Gulp… I’m not in the slightest bit nervous.. honest…!)

On Sunday I am once again morphing into the Easter bunny and wearing them all out racing round the woods on an Easter egg hunt. Mental note; must make the clues harder than last year…

There are a load of different workshops going on too, I think the only one I’m booked on is the metal working with tristan, the yummiest blacksmith you ever did meet! Last year I made a tripod which stands over a fire holding a pan or kettle… not sure this year… maybe some coat hooks for the house…? There are also classes on leather working, knife making, knots, wild food walk, all sorts.

And in between all that fun I shall be sitting in front of the fire putting the world to rights with some of the nicest folk you could ever wish to meet. Just what the doctor ordered. Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful holiday xx


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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One Response to The Easter Bunny is coming…

  1. Lace hearts says:

    It sounds such fun, and right up your street! Enjoy. I’ll have to set an easter egg trail… must get the eggs. May miss the hammock bit thought. ;-) Thank you tons for the button… you’ll have to be patient! xxx

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