Jasper the Naughty Cockerel

Did I ever show you a pic of Jasper? I don’t think so – here he is…

He is a stunner I’m sure you’ll agree, but all is not rosy.

From the begining – I met a lovely lady from Gloucester on the River Cottage forum, this forum has since changed format and I can no longer find her details – if you are reading this please get in touch! She drove Jasper (a pure Cuckoo Marans) from Gloucester to Exeter where I met her to collect him. He was free as she had too many boys and she just wanted him to have a nice home and lots of ladies to love.

He is gorgeous, he’ll eat from your hand, he has proved his fertility and is beautiful to look at. But about 2 weeks ago he attatcked me. I had jeans on and he bit & scratched me through the denim. I couldn’t tell you what I was doing at the time but certainly nothing out of the ordinary or aggressive towards him. I was a bit shocked but let it pass as a one off, until it happened again. Altogether he has gone for me 4 times.

Now I’m a big girl, I can handle it and I make sure I always have sunnies on around him cos I value my sight but what when Jons kiddies come to visit or if one of our tenants go for a walk and he goes for them? Thankfully he hasn’t gone for anyone else so far but what if he did? I think we’d be liable if someone got hurt.

Sooooo, long story short his time has come. He is in a covered run at present that he can’t get out of, he has 3 ladies in with him that are all laying so we shall collect their eggs over the next week or 2 and then pop them in the incubator so he will live on through them and then, well, I’ll leave that bit to your imagination.

So, todays moral? Never bite the hand that feeds, cos you might just end up feeding that hand…


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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4 Responses to Jasper the Naughty Cockerel

  1. angel says:

    OH MY……… POOR Jasper.:-(Why Jasp, Why did ya have to go and do it, ya know she is achet woman….RIP Jasp, RIP. X Janie your orrible. *stiking tongue out acha* … Titter….Love and hugs Ickle one. Mwah X x X

  2. Janie says:

    He ain’t gone yet angelcakes! He still has time to repent his sins but don’t hold your breath…!

  3. angel says:

    Be a good boy Jasp, keep ya head down she may forget you was naughty and you will get a reprieve ….. but knowing achet hedge …..*gulp*Lol.

  4. Janie says:

    ‘achet hedge’ Love it!!!

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