Paddling the river Fowey, Cornwall

Hmmm, I am sat here feeling so content. My muscles are aching, my skin has been kissed by the sun and I just know I’m gonna sleep so well tonight!

We took our 17′ Canadian canoe (Poppsy) out for the first time in MONTHS. She is a bit battered and weather worn but we adore her, here she is loaded up and ready to go.


We got on at Penmarlam boat yard (expensive access & parking at £9 but easy and stress free on a day when Fowey would be heaving with tourists) just opposite this bizarre development where locally found China Clay is loaded onto huge vessels for export.


I always half expect to see James Bond chasing baddies out here!


Thankfully it quickly becomes more pictureque when coming up to Golant, I have no idea what this building is used for but it is so pretty

This is at Penquite, the junction where you can take the right fork to Lerryn (fantastic pub & small shop) or the left fork for Lostwithial (small town with plenty of pubs and some lovely shops) We turn left…

Having got on a mid incoming tide at 11ish we round the Penquite point and find a nice little beach for lunch. The Kelly Kettle was fired up and I should be embarrassed to say that I had Pot Noodle but I’m not – they make perfect adventure food – closely followed by flapjacks & tea.

We mooched awhile here drinking tea and repeatedly saying how amazing the weather was and then ambled on towards Saint Winnow, a pretty little hamlet with what looks like a church and a boat yard.

From here the estuary turned into a river with plenty of twists and turns, which brought us into Lostwithial where we stopped to buy apples and juice before heading back downstream.

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure!

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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