The farm is slowly waking up after what feels like a very long winter, the unfurling energy from life hidden and almost forgotten feels electric with expectancy.

The appple trees in the orchards are begining to show the slightest swell of buds whilst the daffodils below them are bursting out in a daily procession.

This is our old orchard, the trees are stunted and gnarled, producing a mix of different eating & cooking apples. In the far corner of this orchard is an animal cemetary where the headstones of generations of childhood friends lay dating back almost as long as the apple trees themselves.

During a big bout of spring cleaning I moved my office round as I was getting eyestrain from working in such poor light, and my desk now faces out over gardens, fields & the engine house where my birds live. The only downside to more light and a good view is that I’m not getting an awful lot of work done…

I had to grab this pic the first morning of the shift around as I was so excited about the amount of light streaming in. Just heavenly!

Anyway, my laptop is in for repairs tomorrow so I am planning to make full use of the hours that are freed up in my life to get some creative projects finished…

Promises promises…


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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One Response to I LOVE SPRING!!!

  1. Lajoni says:

    oooooh I’ love to be sitting in that chair with the sun pouring through…it looks a lovely place to sit and dwell, there is an award waiting for you on my blog xxx

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