And The Winner is…

Caroline aka Lace Threads & Co came to visit today.
We’d never met before but as they’re down this way for half term it would have been daft not to meet up so they popped over for lunch and a bit of a mooch. It was so nice to put a face to a name and we had such a giggle!

The litle Laceys got to work & wrote all your names down on pieces of paper, folded them neatly up and into the hat they went.

We decided to film the kids pulling the winning name from the hat as Laces name was in there too and god forbid we got accused of cheating if she’d have won…!

The first piece of paper mysteriously had no name on (hmmm, I wonder how that happened…?!) so a 2nd piece was chosen which stated the name…

Country Bliss!
Well done honey, let me have your address and I shall get the parcel out to you asap!

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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11 Responses to And The Winner is…

  1. angel says:

    Oh Flip, i bet that first bit had my name on it, written in invisible ink!!!!!!!What a great day you have had, how i wish i had been with you, but i would have needed to lose 3 stone and lose 10 years, before i meet any of yous. :-)Lovely, such a lovely Post.Love and hugs Honey…. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Lace hearts says:

    I don’t know, that angel she does talk rot. Meks herself sound about 103!Fab, I’m relieved it wasn’t me, cos it would’ve looked soooooo fixed! Well done Country Bliss.And well done for a fabulous giveaway! xxx

  3. claire says:

    Well done Bliss :)Glad you and Lacey draws had a great day – here’s hoping there are loads more SCC meets….the best forum in the world :)X

  4. Wahooo I won! Being Cornish it’s about time I had some Cornishware, they will be cherished! And so will the shelf and egg cosy. I did wonder if it would be Lace visiting, sounds like you had fun.Thankyou Yvonne x

  5. thriftymrs says:

    What a lovely visit.And congrats to the winner.

  6. Aww im pleased you all had a lovely time! x

  7. Thankyou they are now in situ in my kitchen, the shelf fits in just right. I will do a post about it today.Yvonne x

  8. Janie says:

    Oh I am pleased they arrived in one piece! xx

  9. Lace hearts says:

    Ooops, did I say duck? Or goose? I meant goose… or rather duck! I can’t believe I did that – that’ll teach me to rush. In my defence, I was trying to settle littley at the time and it was all getting rather confusing nipping between the two. Hope the chickens aren’t offended! LOL. xxx

  10. Elaine says:

    Well done Bliss, they are gorgeous.When do we get to see the newbie then Janie???Love and blessingsxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Aqeela says:

    I just found your blog, i think it was via ‘Lace Hearts’, and it looks like ANOTHER one im going to enjoy! Cornwall is my favorite place in the whole world, i love it there so much, which bit of Cornwall do you live in? My dad lives in St Austell so i like to go there alot.I wish i could have a little small holding like yours, maybe one day, 20 years down the line, im only 24 afterall! i love chickens and poultry, but unfortunately have no room for them!I look forward to visiting your blog again,Aqeela xx

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