The HedgeCombers 1st Birthday Giveaway!

Happy Birthday To Us!

Last February Jon and I decided to start a blog. The original idea was for us to take note of our adventures and conquests in the world of foraging and small holding. A kind of online diary of blundering mistakes & seasonal trimuphs that we could refer back to at our leisure. It was purely to be for our own use and was never intended to have public access but as I have made friends with so many bloggers I have beaten my shyness and opened it up for the world to see.

Jon took a backseat on the blog and it kind of morphed into a little piece of me, so much so that I’m not overly sure of its true identity now. It’s just my life. It is a place I like to come, to mark my little journey, read your comments and blog hop all over your little worlds too.

The Giveaway

If you would like to enter please leave a comment at the end of this post, Incidentally, perhaps you could let me know what you’d like to see more of here in the coming year whilst you’re at it!

I though it apt to have a chook related prize and here it is… A pretty painted kitchen egg holder. It is made of pine and is painted in Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball which is a yummy soft French Grey. It holds 12 eggs and as we get so many eggs now we have somewhat outgrown it.

Alongside is a weirdly wacky chooky egg warmer that I frantically finished this morning.

Lastly I am giving 2 of my gorgeous Cornishware Egg Cups away. They are old ones & in perfect condition. Please note I am not giving these egg cups away lightly. I love them. And I am having slight seperation anxiety just thinking about giving them away but I figure the giveaway has to make you jump up and want the prize. So jump and leave me a message!

I think I’ll leave this open until Sunday 15th as I have special visitors who I’m sure would be happy to pull the winning name from a hat. Good luck!


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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25 Responses to The HedgeCombers 1st Birthday Giveaway!

  1. thriftymrs says:

    I rushed… I rushed! I didn’t even know you had a blog (pah I’m rubbish!). Wow you must have been forced at gun point to part with those two pretties.

  2. Lajoni says:

    Dam and blast thriftymrs beat me to it!!!!Wow wow and thrice wow what a fandabidoza giveaway ”happy first birthday” what an achievement, hope I make it to 1Your giveaway is truly very generous and I think you are going to be inundated with comments xxx

  3. bibbitybob says:

    I won’t join in the giveaway because my kitchen doesn’t have room for the egg holder, but just wanted to say ‘Happy Birthday’ and how lovely and generous you are!! x

  4. Twinny99 says:

    WOWEEEEEEE like thriftymrs I didn’t know you had a blog either – you have now been added to my list of regular blogs that I follow and am looking forward to reading all your past posts :) The egg holder is gorgeous and I would be delighted to have it (and its accompanyments) on display in my kitchen if I’m lucky enough to get picked! x

  5. Oh i love those! I didnt know you had a blog either but now it in my favorites! x

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog MP. Sme lovely pics on there and what a beautiful baby.What I would like to see more of is bits of your home, as I is nosey!!

  7. Pixiedust says:

    I rushed here from the SCC forum too, to enter your giveaway, if thats OK? What lovely pretties. I keep pestering hubby about letting me have some hens, one day I will win, and we’ll have our own hens eggs for breakfast, wish me luck!!

  8. Lace hearts says:

    Oh, sweetheart, you have made me roar my head off. What a fab giveaway. I obviously haven’t a hope, LOL, but I’ll enter please… that cornishware takes me right back to lunches at my lovely aunts when I was a child. Fab stuff.Hmm, whaddyiwannasee more of?!Well, your talented makes, how to keep chickens, more of your talented makes, and piccies of walks you go on around your lovely neck of the woods! xxx

  9. Elaine says:

    Happy Blogaversary to youDitto etc. Well done for keeping going.Love and blessingsxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. angel says:

    *Comes in dragging the biggest Blog Birthday cake ever seen in blogdom* Phew …*HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY Miss Phish*… took me ages to make this for you, so i hope you appreciate it. “Hint Hint”Now what do i wanna see you post about in the coming year ………… hummm Finking …. still finking …….. ok i funkted …. whatever you want co’s i fink you is perfect and want to read whatever you’ve written..:-)Did i win yet. *Wink wink*Love and hugs honey, have a wonderfully happy second birthday year. :-) MWAH XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX MWAH

  11. Your eggcups are gorgeous!Well done on your blogging birthday!God bless, Rasp x

  12. mitmot says:

    I may not have rushed here as fast as some of the others, but i still love your giveaway. your blog is lovely as is but as i am planning on getting some chickens i would love to see more on keeping them to help us newbies!Happy blogbirthday and can you pass me a piece of angel cake please. mwah xx

  13. dotty says:

    Oooh you got me here…That’s just too nice a give away. I’d feel guilty if I won. Then I’d also have to get some exclusive chickens to provide eggs ;-)Then I’d have to tidy the kitchen to do justice. What would I like to see more of? um can you forage for a good old English pub failing that a curry tree :-)

  14. angel says:

    Oi, who are all these *random* people coming on here leaving comments that they have no right to… “CLEAR OFF” …sheesh … who the eck is dotty? i cant view her blog so she aint winning nuffin, and that woman on *by the seaside* is seriously *NUTS* so its a foregone conclusion that i have won and all pressies and such like are to be sent directly to me… ok.Just in case you was unsure what to do, i thought i would make it easy for you…. i win……lolMwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X Mwah

  15. dotty says:

    Um actually I’m dotty and very nice I am too.I think you should be disqualified for not knowing who dotty is :-)

  16. thegiantess says:

    Oh they are lovely! I would love to go in the hat please!I would love to see pics of the cottages on the farm, you have been working hard on them, so you must have taken pics ;-)

  17. Mollymop5 says:

    My first blog comment.Please let it work, please let it work.Happy birthday Blog :)Gorgeous giveaway goodies.

  18. Happy blog birthday! Lovely giveaway please put my name in the hat as I’d love some Cornishware. Love the headband tute, will have to try that.Yvonne x

  19. Marianne says:

    Hi Miss_Phish,Happy birtday!I don’t want to join! I live outside the UK, it would cost a fortune to ship. The items are cute though!See you on SCC!Bye,Marianne

  20. greyparrot says:

    oh my, that egg holder is gorgeous! Your pink chook is so cute too.I wanna see more of the animals…lubs ’em!

  21. annie-c says:

    A gorgeous blog – well done on your first year… I’d like to see a full pic of you and not just the half pic in the corner ;)Please put me in the draw, I’d love love love to win! :)

  22. Marianne says:

    Hi Jane,Thank you for your offer! Ofcause I’d love to enter. It’s such a lovely give-away.Take care,Marianne

  23. second wind says:

    …..and bringing up the rear……congrats on your blogbirthday! I’m about to make your brownie recipe for DH birthday cake so I vote for more of your great recipes.Deb x

  24. claire says:

    Whoop Whoop Blogger loves me again!!! xxxxxxPlease enter me in your fabarooni giveaway – thank you muchly :)Xx

  25. I won’t join in the giveaway either because I don’t have room in my kitchen … but A HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!It’s been good to “meet” you at SCC and on here.Here’s to many years of blogging … it looks great.xxxx

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