Reversible Head Band Tutorial

This is such a lovely way to use up pretty scraps of fabric that you’re too thrifty (or mean!) to throw away. The stripey fabric below was the waistband of a skirt I got for 25p, unpicked & ironed flat, It actually made 2 of these headbands and I still have the rest of the skirt to play with.


You could use the same material on both sides but that would be rather dull don’t you think? Go on, live dangerously!
Firstly cut out 2 rectangles of chosen fabric. Mine were 22inches long by 3.5inches wide but if this was for a young ‘un you’ll need to reduce that accordingly.
Please note that I am from a long line of big heads so mine would probably swamp most of you. For the record I like to think it’s due to lots more brain cells than average but I have been told it means we’re closer to our tree dwelling ancestors. Hmm.


Press flat then turn in either end and stitch those down to keep them tidy.



Sew the 2 pieces together down both long sides with the front of the fabric facing making a long tube.


Turn the tube right side out and take a moment to appreciate how clever you are!

Now take this pretty tube and place it round your head and try to imagine how long the piece of elastic will need to be to attatch the 2 ends making sure that it will be comfortable but not too loose. If your hair is short and you don’t want the elastic on show you may want to make a mini tube and work a way of stitching it over the elastic to hide it. I have masses of hair with which to cover offending elastic so I can relax at this stage.

Sew one end of the elastic into the end of the tube, it doesn’t need to be pretty but make sure it is anchored really well.

When you are happy with the length of elastic needed stitch the other end in too and it will look something like this. Now you could leave it there, but I needed to refine it just a little.

First I folded & pinned the corners of the tube in towards the elastic making sure that one pattern only could be seen on each side. This was a bit of a fiddle but when was happy I hand stitched them in place.

And thats that. A home made, hand crafted work of art.



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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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2 Responses to Reversible Head Band Tutorial

  1. Lace hearts says:

    That’s so fab – I’m gonna get my sewing dd to do that one, so thanks for the piccies!And thanks for your lovely comment on her post – she was so thrilled by all the comments she got. xxxps. yes, Hubs was home when she was crafting and texted me to say she was deep in my fabric stash! Didn’t know she was digging into the buttons as well, LOL.

  2. Janie says:

    Aww, thats sweet! My first thought was the safety of your buttons!!! Did she use any of your favourites??xx

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