Sugar & Spice

Introducing our 2 newest ladies Sugar & Spice! 

They are Silver Grey Dorkings and have just come into lay. They have the prettiest markings & colourings and lay pure white eggs.

This breed has 5 toes (as opposed to all the other who have only 4) and they are one of the oldest breed of hen recorded.

We bought them on Saturday after finding the Devonshire Traditional Breed Centre at Crediton and I now can’t imagine us getting birds anywhere else. They carry up 50 diferent breeds, hatching out thousands of eggs a year and the quality & care that goes into the housing, pens and most importantly health care of the birds is tremendous.

These 2 have been vaccinated against things I’ve never even heard of and sadly one disease we know a bit too much about. We recently lost one of our Marans pullets to Mareks Disease, a nasty branch of the herpes virus which ended up with her starving to death due to a large internal tumour. This means that all our others chooks have been exposed to it and we may well lose some more yet. The vaccination can only be given in the first 24 hours following hatching so there is nothing we can do to protect our flock.

The Marans were bought from an auction and I would urge anyone who is relatively new to this game to find a local breeder that you can trust and stick to them. Buying on a whim at an auction may seem like the cheaper option but you may be bringing home more than a couple of new chooks.


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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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4 Responses to Sugar & Spice

  1. MaryPoppins says:

    Thay are so gorgeous :)You have an award :)X

  2. angel says:

    Something a bit dodgy about them having 5 toes …not sure if we should be thinking about 5 toed chickens! even if they have sweet names. :-)I hope you dont lose anymore chooks to that awful disease.:-( how sad is that.Good advice about buying from people you dont know or trust, ie auctions etc.Love and hugs Honey X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  3. Lajoni says:

    Now I know nothing about chooks but they are gorgeous, beautiful coloring…I’d love to have chickns but have,nt got the room x

  4. second wind says:

    I know nothing about chooks either but they look like top draw specimens, beautiful coloursx

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