Feeling Work-shy

What a beautiful day!!

Admittedly I wasted most of it trying (mostly successfully) to avoid work – I should have been painting the neighbouring cottage as the tenants moved out last week & it’s my job to get it shipshape again. I ended up helping mum for a couple of hours this afternoon tidy up next doors garden instead which then left me free to go and spend a few hours in the field…
Between my kitchen door & old engine house where my birds live is an orchard. The parents planted it years ago and these apples have to be the tastiest EVER! Crunchy, sweet and oh so wholesome tasting… Yum!
The chooks all hang about underneath the laden apple trees and are ready & waiting for any windfalls – there isn’t a scrap or a core left on the ground anywhere!

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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One Response to Feeling Work-shy

  1. angel says:

    Its not been beutiful here!But i’m glad you had the best of the weather, co’s if anyone deserves it it’s you.What an idilic place to live, surounded by all that loveliness.Warm Hugs and kisses Honey. Mwah X X x X x X

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