Birthdays & Bargains

Oooh, I did well today, I found 8 small kilner jars for just £3! The plan here is to fill to the rim with a scrummy Spicy St Clements Marmalade for Yule pressies.

I reckon I could add a wee dram of brandy and maybe a tad of cinnamon to a mixture of tinned Mamade serville oranges & lemons mixed together – what do you think? Not enough cinnamon that you would actually know it was there, but just a hint so that when the pot is opened the first time a festive smell would leap out of the jar and assault the nostrils.

I like to assault people through my gift giving ;o)

I also managed to find this for my dear mums birthday next weekend – it was only £1! I am thinking I could fill it with pretty sugared almonds.

She has asked us not to buy her or Dad presents from now on, but would rather I made them a cake. As you can tell I don’t always do as I’m told.

I wanted to quickly show you Jons birthday breakfast too. I asked him what he wanted to eat on his birthday – he could choose anything at all and if I could manage it I would make it for him.

This was his perfect breakfast…

A Bacon Butty. Bless him!

Happy birthday Mr Popps, I love you xx


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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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5 Responses to Birthdays & Bargains

  1. angel says:

    Lovely i so enjoy reading about your bargains.You add what you like to the Marmalade, co’s i dont like it so it wont matter to me…….. lol.Can nobody make a decent JAM anymore?…….. lol.I was so excited waiting with antisapation to see the photo …… you little tease! where is that bargain, i wanna see it……… tsk tsk ….. Norty girl.Love and hugs Honey. Mwah X x X x X

  2. That Angel gets in everywhere doesn’t she?Just wanted to say what a great blog you have here Miss P. Great photos and blog design methinks.Keep it up!

  3. Janie says:

    Thank you lovlies. Angel – I have 7 jars of bramble jam left just waiting for you to come and visit. best hurry up tho – they won't last long!Dancing, that is so kind of you to say. I kinda want to use it as a notebook & diary in one, a place to store stuff so I know where to find it in future. To know that guys enjoy it too is lovely!

  4. Janie says:

    PS came on here to tell you that I’d got the camera working – go check out mums £1 pressie – you’re gonna be green with envy ;o)

  5. angel says:

    Wow a squid……….:-0 BARGAIN, well done and lucky Mum.Did ya eat all me jam yet…… mutter ….. mutter …. mutter … it lasts for ages ya know ……. you dont HAVE to eat it all at once. phah. *sticking tongue out atcha*Lots of love and hugs X x X x X x X x X x X x X

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