Did I happen to mention that we were getting no more birds? That we had more than enough to see us through to next spring? That we had organised our breeding programme for next year so that we aim to be self sufficient on the the poultry front and that we were up to quota?? 

Well…we picked up another drake today. He is an Aylesbury and rather handsome.

Our last Mr Aylesbury had an unpleasant ending with a fox leaving his 2 girlfriends bereft and at the bottom of the pecking order. They are currently flirting outrageously with ‘Bertie’ the new boy and showing him round his new home. I just left them on the lake and it will have been the first time Bertie has ever seen more water than you can fit in a bucket. Bless.

I haven’t really broken any rules as he was mums purchase – she wanted to see Beattie & Bessy (Mums choice) happy again so she hunted him down. I am to look after them, feed them, and have the eggs and babies and she will donate the odd bag of food.
Quite a nice deal really and I get out of trouble for buying more birds!

Edited to say that Hetty, the little lady on the left of Harry, has gone broody! She has been in her nest box all day, her chest is warm and she got all flustered & ruffled when I stuck my hand under her. All good signs that she is in for the long haul.


As the eggs are collected daily she only had 1 in the nest so I came up to the kitchen and grabbed 4 others and stuffed them under her! Hopefully she will lay a couple more before she dries up.


I would have thought it was a weird time of year to go broody but what do I know??



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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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4 Responses to Oops!

  1. claire says:

    Er…. where have I been that I didn’t know you had a blog???..or are you just out!!?? :)Forgiven on the birdy front – it so doesn’t count if its (practically) a gift!!!

  2. angel says:

    Oh bother Claire found you, i tried to keep them out MP but they are blimmin good at this hunting malarky, sorry Sir. :-)Anywho, the boy hen looks loverly so cute, he is a nice size [trying to picture him in my oven tray] that was of course a joke…… where is my tape measure gone …..Henrietta [the hussy] looks well chuffed.:-)

  3. You can never have enough, they are so cute! More photos please.Yvonne

  4. greyparrot says:

    ohhhh they are so beautiful :) I want some! They have lovely shiny plumage too bless their wee toes!

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