It set! Dear god it tastes like sunshine on toast and after the summer we’ve had that makes it even tastier ;o) 

Am I allowed 4 slices of toast for breakfast…?

This was the view from my kitchen window this morning. I only got up to use the bathroom but couldn’t go back to bed after seeing this!
The barn you may just be able to see bottom right is where my birds sleep.
Although Handsome Harry (the cockeral) doesn’t seem to understand the word sleep. Crow yes, sleep no.


About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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2 Responses to Ooooh!

  1. angel says:

    I believe its in your contract to have 4 slices of toast……… let me go and check………. yup, it deffo says 4 or more…….. lol.I am loving your blog honey, thank you for sharing with us. Mwah X x X x X

  2. sparkle bug says:

    Great blog hun, your view is fantastic and there’s nothing wrong with having 4 slices of toast, in fact it’s law lol.xxxps i’ve added you to my fav blogs

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