An Icky Sticky Blackberry Flavour Mess

Its that time of year again, the kitchen splattered in jammy splodges, me aiming for that allusive ‘setting point’, lemon juice smarting the bramble scratches from yesterday, the whole house emanating the yummy smell of sugar and berries… I love it!

This years concoction;

1lb of sugar to 1lb berry fruit to 1/2 pint water to 1 lemon.

Bubble & boil till either;
A/Setting point is reached
B/ Boredom sets in
C/ It looks kinda right

I generally go with B & C options in jam making. Seems to work for me. If it doesn’t set (never happened yet, although this batch may well turn out to be the exception) I would just call something poetic like a

‘Full Fruit Syrup’
‘To be spooned liberally over buttered toast, Pancakes or Ice cream’


Mmmm, almost hoping this batch doesn’t set!

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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One Response to An Icky Sticky Blackberry Flavour Mess

  1. angel says:

    YUMMY scrummy……………… Mummmmm.I fancy some toast now.Lovely honey [or Blackberry].X x X x X x X

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