The Wilderness Gathering…

Yesterday Jon & I trundled up to Wiltshire for the Wilderness Gathering to catch up with lots of friends. It is an annual event on a Bison farm of all places. I don’t think I had ever seen a bison before, odd looking things, although not quite as odd looking as the bronze turkeys they were also growing. Still not sure where we stand on growing turkeys here, especially after seeing them and hearing them yesterday. How could you keep a straight face looking after those things??!

Although there were lots of traders and stalls we happily found nothing to tempt the pennies from our pockets (unless you count the cider). The lovely boys at Footsteps of Discovery took pity on us when the Bison Burgers sold out and the Bison stew was still a good 2 hours away, and fed us up on rat packs (military ration packs for all those who, like me, aren’t in the know).

Apparently a days worth of rat pack allowance contain 5500 calories, gotta keep the guys going I guess. As the hunger was pretty immense by this point the chicken & herb dumpling stew tasted heavenly, even though I could feel the grease on my lips after just one mouthful.

Sadly as the stew disappeared so did my appetite, so when it came to eating the hot chocolate pudding in chocolate sauce I didn’t get very far. Not that Jon minded as it meant he had 2. I reckon there was about 2000 calories in just one portion of that stuff and my teeth felt furry for a very long time after.

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A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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