Meet the family…

Oh my, its been a while!

Since I last docked in we have been camping, got ducks, got chooks, dug potatoes, been canoeing, started a business and said goodbye to the Landy (failed its MOT). Think thats about it.
The garden is doing well aside from the potato blight that has made us dig all the tubers up. It’s not too bad as they were the earlies and we had some well sized spuds. I do feel for the neighbours that have lost their main crop to the blasted blight though.
From our home grown forrages we have so far dined upon some cherry tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce, rabbits, potatoes and baby carrots. A few ducks have been dispatched and a couple of cockerals are gaining weight nicely. The Lady Aylesbury ducks are back to laying well after the fox had Mr Aylesbury for supper one night (we are still trying to make him pay for that one) and Mrs Muscovey is sitting on a nest of about 10 eggs.
We often sit and daydream about what animals we are going to get next, a couple of pigs or maybe sheep, but our life here seems very organic. We tend to react to situations as opposed to plan stategically.
I’m not sure if that comes from being so new to this way of life or just plain lazy…

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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