Hedgecomber goes Beachcombing

Today was more Beach Combing than Hedge Combing.

Our local beach is pebbly & rocky but at low tide a wide sand bank is exposed just waiting to be explored. Unfortunatley we don’t seem to get clams or razors down here (maybe something to do with the rocky coastline?) and I’ve never even found a mussel but limpets and winkles are rampant.

Jon can’t bear any seafood so I only ever collect very small amounts of shellfish and today I choose a few fat limpets as the tide was so low. In many books you are advised to boil limpets for 5-10 minutes. This, I am sure would turn them into unpalatable lumps of rubber as opposed to the delisious morsels they should be. To cook, any more than a quick bubble in their own juices would be too much. Balance them upside down on hot coals or give a short burst under a hot grill with a touch of parsley. They are utterly delicious. If you fancy some for yourself ensure water quality is good and not near any sewage outlets.

We also managed to get some wild greens (common sorrel & cleavers), three cornered garlic and a few early nettle tops. A few other plants have also been tentetively ID’d but we shall wait for later in the year when emerging flowers ensure accuracy.

The soup of wild greens we had for tea was very yummy!

About HedgeComber

A Field-to-Fork food blogger based on a small farm in Cornwall, UK.
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1 Response to Hedgecomber goes Beachcombing

  1. Fenlander says:

    Blimey you kept this quiet! lol Let me know if I can add you to my blog roll.

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